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Water Transport Field Study from ECoCoDE Nepal Pvt. Ltd

Jan 4, 2012

The MoPPW has assigned the JV of East Consult & ECoCoDE Nepal Pvt. Ltd for the study of the Water Transport Development Project in which the length of purposed waterway is located in

»    Gandaki Basin
»    Trishuli River (Fishlin-Devghat : 50 Km),
»    Kali Gandaki River (Ramdi-Devghat : 130 Km),
»    Koshi Basin; Saptakoshi River (Ghurmi-KoshiTappu : 147 Km) and
»    Karnali Basin; Bheri River (Bhotechaur-Chisapani : 123 Km).

The field study of the water transport development project of 450 Km has been successfully completed within 18 days in the river which was conducted in winter season between December 2011 to January 2012. The strategy of collecting the data by the team was made as ease as possible. The hydrological, geological, environmental, social and traffic data has to be collected. For the safety and access in the river, the four professionals rafting guides with a rafting boat were hired from Himalaya River Fun rafting agency. Among them, one professional guide will raft on his Kayak for the identification of easy pass in difficult sector, one will travel in Gear boat which will carry our entire luggage and other two will be with the team providing all the safety kits and information.

The field study was commenced from the neighbouring river, Trishuli which has taken 3/5 days to complete, Kali Gandaki : 4/6 days to complete, Sunkoshi : 6/8 days to complete and Bheri : 5/7 days to complete. Among these four river, the purposed waterway in Kali Gandaki is found deep river of depth about 53m, Bheri river is found shallow river of depth less than a metre and Sunkoshi river as more challenging for the purpose of waterway. The rapids, widening, bifurcation, boulders deposition are identified engineering challenges along the purposed waterway.

The professional team of the field study of WTDP from Consultancy are;
»    Dr. P.B. Shahi (Team Leader),
»    Binaya Rai (Transport engineer),
»    Resham Baniya (Environmentalist),
»    NabinTamang (Civil Engineer),
»    Rabindra Wagle (Civil Engineer),
»    Sanjay Neupane (Civil Overseer) and
»    Yub Raj Gurung (Civil Overseer).

The professional team from Himalaya River Fun Rafting agency are;
»    Arun Thapaliya,
»    Raju Gurung,
»    Roshan Lama,
»    Sagar Gurung,
»    Milan Pathak and
»    Mohan Shrestha.

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