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Govt studying feasibility of water transport

Dec 15, 2011

KATHMANDU, July 25: The government is conducting feasibility study of water transport along three major rivers - Koshi, Gandaki and Bheri - to increase mobility of people living along the rivers.

The Ministry of Physical Planning and Works (MoPPW) has selected East Consult and EcoCoDE Nepal to conduct the study. It has asked the firm to submit Detailed Project Report (DPR) within six months. The ministry signed an agreement to this effect on July 13.

Four other firms had expressed their interest to conduct the study.

“We will take necessary steps on the project as per the DPR prepared by the East Consult and ECoCoDE Nepal,” said Pramila Devi Bajracharya, chief of Water Development Project under the MoPPW.

The contract for the study is worth Rs 4.7 million. The government had invited proposals for the study from interested firms on May 11.

The ministry took the initiative for conducting feasibility study on water transport after private operators started water transport on some rivers without setting up necessary infrastructures and conducting feasibility study, leading to frequent accidents resulting in loss of life and property.

The government had short-listed East Consult and ECoCoDE; Full Bright Consultancy/Sitara Consult; DEVTEC, CMS and SIDeF Consultancy; Naya Rastriya Engineering Consultancy; and Multi Tech Engineering Consultancy and ITECO for the project.

“We selected East Consult and ECoCoDE on the basis of financial and technical details for the study submitted by the aspirant firms,” said Bajracharya.

As per the agreement, the firm would study the possibility of water transport along the rivers and suggest to the government the mode of transport, length of waterway and necessary water level among others.

The government has allocated Rs 10 million in the current fiscal year to prepare DPR on water transport along Koshi, Gandaki and Bheri basins and start operation of water transport in Arun and Tamor rivers. It has already conducted DPR for water transport along Arun and Tamor rivers.

The DPR has suggested that the government improve waterway along Arun and Tamor rivers by removing boulders and maintaining necessary water level before starting water transport.

“We are starting water transport along Arun and Tamor rivers in eastern Nepal as per the demand of local people from this fiscal year. We will remove obstacles and increase water level to ensure smooth sailing,” added Bajracharya.

She further informed that the government was preparing to conduct feasibility study on water transport along other big rivers, including Narayani and Mahakali.

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